RTech Solutions Pop-Up Network Kit

LTE + Wifi network-in-a-case

Providing a secure & reliable network with LTE internet

RTech Solutions Pop-Up Network Kit is a fully portable, rugged, and affordable all-in-one solution that supports cloud-managed connectivity virtually anywhere. This simple all-in-one case kit instantly provides a secure and reliable WiFi network with LTE internet from anywhere. You can take our ruggedized WiFi network kit with LTE connectivity wherever you go. It includes all the equipment to work immediately, so you can get up to speed fast.

Top Features

  • We’re your advocate with all major U.S. carriers

  • Cross-carrier data pooling for coverage

  • Optimal carrier location matching

  • One simple bill with all carriers

  • Data usage analytics & reporting

  • 24/7/365 managed data support

  • Fixed, low monthly cost

  • Industry-leading hardware

  • Managed device & data services

  • 2nd SIM and static IP options available

Must-Have Features

What's in the bundle?

• Cradlepoint COR IBR900 (1200M-B) or IBR600C (150M) and NetCloud Manager Mobile Essentials
• NetCloud Mobile Advanced upgrade (optional; includes Advanced Threat Protection and more)
• FAA-compliant Battery Pack (up to 10 hours life)
• 5-in-1 Antenna
• Rugged Case (w/CAT6 port, 12.6V input, power button)
• DC power cord, Wall charger, ethernet, & antenna cables (all pre-wired)