PhySaaS Verkada Dome Series

Built for durability & high-performance

Verkada cameras utilize the latest in AI

Powered by Verkada's industry-leading edge-based processing and computer vision technology, Verkada's People Analytics solution includes face search, person attributes, person history, Person of Interest notifications, and Occupancy Trends.

Monitor usage with occupancy trends

  • Estimate foot traffic at critical locations, and discover valuable insights for optimizing staffing, adjusting hours of operation, and tracking the performance of marketing and promotional activities.

Stream footage in superior quality

  • With a dedicated computer vision co-processor, Dome cameras deliver an enhanced streaming experience and will remain a future-proof investment.

Recording in adaptive quality

  • All Verkada cameras have standard onboard retention of 15, 30, 60, 90, 120, or 365 days. Our cameras record video in both high and standard-quality streams simultaneously. Standard quality video is recorded up to the amount of retention specified by the customer - 30 days for most of our deployments. If motion is detected within a scene, our cameras also save high-quality footage to the onboard storage. Scenes with motion have both a high quality and standard quality recording available. This allows customers to meet their required retention policies without doing the math or compromising on video quality. We refer to this method of video retention as recording in adaptive quality.