Cybersafe SOL Training

Security awareness training

Putting your systems and users to the test

Cybersafe SOL Training is a comprehensive program designed to educate and empower your organization by transforming potential vulnerabilities into proactive defenders. Through a combination of effective awareness training and simulated phishing exercises, SOL Training equips your team to recognize and mitigate modern and evolving cyber risks. Our proven four-step process—assessment, training, phishing simulations, and reporting—ensures your entire user base is well-prepared to minimize potential attacks and safeguard your organization's security. Empower your users to become human firewalls and strengthen your defense against cyber threats.

Top Features

  • Studies show security awareness training reduces phishing susceptibility by 75%.

  • Random and realistic phishing exercises are effective and provide proven results.

  • The human element is present in 82% of breaches, in which threat actors manipulate and exploit users through phishing, baiting, scareware, and other tactics.

  • Whether you have 10 users or 10,000, Cybersafe has the right training program for your organization’s size and needs.


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