Monitor your endpoints in real time and contain attacks

Cybersafe monitors your endpoints in real-time to identify threats & respond immediately. We isolate & contain attacks before data is exfiltrated, assets are further compromised, or irreversible damage is done. Cybersafe’s SOL EDR increases regulatory compliance and simplifies auditing for your organization. Our tools provide complete visibility into activity & are excellent supplements to traditional desktop protection. Via a single endpoint platform, we can monitor & protect all of your laptops, desktops, servers & virtual environments, with support for all major operating systems. Our comprehensive platform is an ideal solution for protecting enterprises’ sensitive data from the ever-expanding threat landscape.

Top Features

  • Zero day attack protection

    We understand patterns of attack behavior and employ advanced behavioral analytics to detect and contain endpoint attacks.

  • Containment

    This is a customized service that focuses on detection AND contains live attacks to stop adversaries in their tracks.

  • Continuous recording

    Complete visibility into endpoint activity allows us to quickly pinpoint attacks and address gaps in defenses.

  • Threat banning

    Our team proactively bans the execution of known malicious files, stopping attacks before they begin.

  • Threat intelligence

    Cybersafe works tirelessly with security professionals around the globe to identify new and emerging threats that target your endpoints.


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