PhySaaS Verkada Mini Series Cameras

Designed for flexibility

Enhanced resolution and a small form factor that fits in any space

Verkada's Mini Series offers flexible, discreet cameras with exceptional image quality. It includes two indoor models (the CM42 and CM41-S) and one outdoor model (the CM41-E). These cameras are suitable for a variety of applications, from corporate offices and retail locations to banks and schools. The CM42 is a compact and powerful camera that offers many core benefits found in our Dome Series cameras. It surpasses its predecessor in image quality and analytics performance with a cutting-edge Sony IMX675 image sensor, increased storage capacity and advanced Ambarella CV25S88 system on a chip (SOC). It meets EN 50155 railway compliance standards and can be installed for transportation security on trains, buses and boats.

Top Features

  • Discreet form factors for multiple applications

    Mini series cameras can be installed in flexible places including ATMs, shelving, and on public transportation.

  • Extend intelligence to the edge

    With powerful edge-based processing, take advantage of computer vision features including motion detection and People Analytics.

  • Uncompromised image quality

    Bring clarity to investigations and effortlessly detect in-scene details with high-quality image resolution.

  • No NVRs or DVRs

    Store up to 365 days of standard quality footage locally.