PhySaaS Verkada Access Control

A controller for every application

Plug-and-play access control for easy use and limitless scale

The AC12 one-door controller offers cloud-managed access control for standalone doors, simplifying security setup. With a single PoE cable, costly modifications are minimized, ensuring easy installation in tight spaces. Compatible with various electronic locks, it supports native in/out badging and includes PoE passthrough for consistent power to peripherals like Verkada cameras. Like all Verkada access controllers, the AC12 works out of the box and is easy to deploy and manage from Verkada Command.

The AC12 comes with a 10-year warranty.

Top Features

  • Simplified access architecture

    Verkada’s plug-and-play hardware just works. No on-prem servers. No databases. No virtual networks.

  • Scale without overhead

    With Verkada, there is no software or firmware version maintenance required. Verkada eliminates infrastructure redundancy and brings unlimited scale.

  • Compute and storage on-device

    Get the reliability and security of on-prem infrastructure with the scale and simplicity of the cloud. Verkada access controllers operate even if they lose power or internet access.

  • Flexible access credentials

    End-users can deploy the credential method(s) that works for them, including printed cards or the Verkada Pass mobile Bluetooth application.


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