PhySaaS Verkada Indoor Air Quality Sensors

Physical security as a service

Air quality monitoring for every environment

Verkada Air Quality Sensors help monitor spaces where cameras cannot be deployed & get insight into environmental conditions that cameras cannot detect. From protecting school bathrooms against bullying & vaping to gathering real-time insight into air quality conditions like carbon dioxide levels, our sensors enable you to manage & protect your environments more comprehensively. Our all-in-one-sensor devices deliver a proactive, real-time & secure way to monitor & act on complex environmental conditions across every type of indoor space. The SV series environmental sensors provide accurate, fast monitoring to identify vital information & offer simplified, real-time tools to protect spaces, monitor assets, detect incidents & more.

Top Features

  • Add context with video

    Pair your Air Quality Sensor with a Verkada Camera to gain visual evidence of environmental conditions or events. Spot events, identify problematic areas or conditions, and protect your people and assets – all on a single pane of glass.

  • IAQ anywhere with verkada command mobile

    Set up devices, monitor air quality, and manage events on any device with Verkada’s top-rated mobile application. Native Verkada integration gives context and tools to spot trends and resolve issues on the go.

  • Remote monitoring for an added layer of protection

    Augment air quality monitoring with water leak and glass break detection, 24/7 professional monitoring and more to further detect anomalies and protect people and assets.

  • CV-enhanced alerts

    Quickly identify the people and vehicles in an area when a sensor alert occurs with Verkada’s camera integration and computer vision (CV) technology.