Segra and UPN Cybersecurity

Keep you connected and secure

Holistic approach to cybersecurity to protect from cyberattacks

Our robust suite of Managed Services keeps your business connected & secure while guarding against cyberattacks & unplanned network outages. With a wide range of data & cybersecurity solutions & fully compliant services, we offer peace of mind & a foundation for long-term success. Segra and UPN Cybersecurity provides instant analysis of security alerts from apps & network hardware but without upfront costs. The service is hosted in a secure & compliant cloud so that it can manage and monitor your critical systems regardless of where they are. Our security team is responsible for ongoing monitoring & analysis of an organization’s cybersecurity. It is staffed with Tier 1 analysts, advanced security engineers, threat hunters & threat intelligence managers.

Top Features

  • Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaas)

    A comprehensive strategy that uses next-generation defences, real-time monitoring and active response capabilities.

  • DDoS

    Don't let a DDoS attack bring your system to its knees. Keep malicious traffic at bay.

  • Hosted Firewall

    A Hosted Firewall maintains a threat-ready defense posture.


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