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UPN Data Center presence, Midwest, NM, CO and TX

Segra and UPN Data Center List add the security, reliability, and scalability to run your business while removing the headaches and hassles that make it harder to get ahead. Wherever you’re based — across our ever-expanding fiber footprint — adding scalable capacity and high security is never far away. We also offer colocation services with options to stand up and support the IT systems you depend on for operations that allow you to stay focused on taking care of business. Maintaining a colocation presence can keep your company agile in this ever-changing landscape. We understand how rock-solid connectivity and colocation deployments are the heart of an adaptive public, private, and hybrid cloud solution.

Top Features

  • Power, performance and reliability

    Redundant and diverse power at every level — including UPS, generator backup, and dual-grid power A&B supplies — ensure your core systems remain up and running, no matter what.

  • Security without compromise

    Keep threats to your continuity — natural or human-caused — at bay in a highly resilient, highly secure data center. 24/7 security, locked cabinets, and video surveillance keep threats at bay, ensuring your access is safe.


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