Datadog Sensitive Data Scanner

Stream-based, pattern-matching service

Identify & redact sensitive data in APM, RUM and events stream

Datadog's Sensitive Data Scanner is a tool designed to help organizations identify and manage sensitive data within their telemetry data, ensuring compliance with data protection standards. We offer predefined rules to detect various types of sensitive information like credit card numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, and API keys. Users can also create custom regex-based scanning rules to identify business-specific sensitive data. We allow for the management of sensitive data issues in logs, APM traces, and RUM events, facilitating triage, troubleshooting, and tracking of remediation tasks. We provide a centralized interface for discovering, triaging, and resolving data compliance issues efficiently.

Starting at $0.45 /Month

Top Features

  • Configure Sensitive Data Scanner to build a scalable and holistic compliance strategy

  • Classify sensitive data based on its content, source, or designated risk level

  • Redact sensitive data from security breaches and both insider and external threat actors

  • Discover sensitive data across your cloud environments


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