Datadog Serverless Monitoring for AWS

End-to-end serverless monitoring

Resolve performance issues in your serverless applications

Datadog Serverless Monitoring for AWS Lambda enables you to correlate high-level metrics from AWS resources with those of Lambda functions, so you can quickly spot issues and start your investigation. We provide end-to-end visibility into the health of your serverless applications—reducing MTTD and MTTR. Serverless enables your teams to stay agile and focus their time building revenue-generating applications while reducing operational overhead. Visibility into metrics, traces, and logs for every invocation of your serverless applications allows your teams to deploy new code with confidence.

Starting at $7.20 /Month

Top Features

  • Monitor your entire serverless stack in the serverless view.

  • Monitor serverless configuration changes with deployment tracking.

  • Real-time metrics for alerting on issues across your Lambda function environment.

  • Resolve AWS Lambda function failures faster by monitoring invocation payloads.


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