Datadog Incident Management

Track & communicate operational issues

Tools for organizations to identify & respond to unplanned IT events

Any event that may lead to a disruption in your organization’s services can be described as an incident, and it is often necessary to have a set framework for handling these events. Datadog's Incident Management feature offers a streamlined system for identifying and resolving incidents. With this tool, you can detect, prioritize, and monitor incidents seamlessly without switching contexts. Assess severity, involve the necessary teams and resources, and collaborate directly within the app or through your preferred communication platforms. Keep track of incidents on an intuitive timeline and generate post mortem reports.

Starting at $30.00 /Month

Top Features

  • Declare, manage, and investigate incidents from multiple sources

  • Pivot from alert to chat room to timeline with no loss of context

  • Leverage a collaborative workflow with the Datadog Slack App

  • Set up webhooks from monitors and runbooks for autoremediation

  • Integrations with paging and communication tools

  • Collect data and signals from across the platform

  • Export to Datadog Notebooks and other documentation tools


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