Datadog Application Security Management

Advanced threat protection

Quickly detect & remediate attacks on your web applications & APIs

Datadog Application Security Management allows you to manage application security risk with continuous, real-time monitoring of vulnerabilities and threats against your web applications, serverless applications, and APIs in production. Automatically integrated with APM distributed traces and code-level context, Application Security Management empowers development, operations, and security teams to build and run secure applications in production.

Starting at $15.00 /Month

Top Features

  • Detect and defend against attacks

    - Understand how ongoing threats targeting your web and serverless applications are propagating through your service chain with end-to-end attack flows.
    - Pivot to errors, associated stack traces, and logs to easily collaborate across teams and eliminate bottlenecks.
    - Slow down attackers by blocking suspicious requests or bad actors directly through the Datadog platform.

  • Automatically discover your API attack surface

    - Gain visibility into the performance, security, and ownership of all your API endpoints in a single view.
    - Surface the most targeted and at-risk endpoints to prioritize remediation efforts.
    - Protect API endpoints by automatically blocking specific IPs, users, or requests.

  • Continuously monitor for code-level vulnerabilities in production

    - Continuously identify vulnerabilities in application code serving production-level traffic, without the overhead of code scans or time-consuming testing processes.
    - Identify the specific input or request that triggered the vulnerability in order to accelerate triage.
    - Immediately see the exact vulnerable file, version, and line of code to reduce mean time to remediation.

  • Focus on open source vulnerabilities which present active risk

    - Get end-to-end visibility into vulnerable open source libraries loaded across the CI and production.
    - Prioritize open-source library vulnerabilities in your code and at runtime with Datadog’s Severity Score, which factors in exposure, CVSS, and real-time threat activity.
    - Ensure remediated vulnerabilities make it to production and avoid discrepancies between static and runtime code due to errors in the CI/CD pipeline.


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