Resolve Tech Solutions

Comprehensive suite of IT services

Transform business processes with high performance IT solutions

Resolve Tech Solutions specializes in helping organizations achieve their IT modernization goals through core business system modernization and migrations, digital transformation services such as custom application modernization, data modernization, cloud-native and mobile development, and AI/ML and RPA enablement. We are a leading provider in cloud migration and post-migration managed services and ensure the security, disaster recovery, and maintenance of over 5000 virtual machines for some of America’s largest organizations.

Top Features

  • ERP modernization

    Modernize and integrate with other systems and technology seamlessly.

  • Cloud services

    Cut the carbon footprint, be eco-friendly; stay ahead of the competition.

  • Artificial Intelligence services

    Leverage innovation and big data analytics for better business outcomes.

  • Digital transformation

    Improve efficiency, foster innovation and enhance customer experiences.

  • IT services & support

    Maximize tech investments with advanced tech solutions for networking and Infrastructure.

  • Signature products & services

    Juno Platform, Signature Centric, SAP Easy Button, Custom Collection Engine.