Corvid Cyberdefense

Delivering intelligent cybersecurity

Secure your organization with security assessments & services

Corvid Cyberdefense stands as a leading cybersecurity solution for your digital security needs. Our security platform employs cutting-edge technologies to defend against a spectrum of cyber threats. With a focus on innovation, we offer network fortification, endpoint safeguards, and email defense. Our proactive approach makes Haven an unparalleled choice for organizations, entities, and governments seeking robust and reliable cybersecurity solutions. Our expertise also allows us to provide professional services such as Virtual CISO+, network and application risk assessments, incident response planning, security incident response and readiness assessments, penetration testing, or CMMC and compliance advisory.

Top Features

  • Endpoint defense

    Leveraging machine learning to deliver advanced detection and response to your computers and servers with rapid deployment of critical updates.

  • Email defense

    Custom configurations and machine learning strengthen your protection against phishing, impersonation, malicious content, and all other threat vectors.

  • Network defense

    Reaching optimal network speeds while securing your network traffic via our custom, proprietary configurations.