Identify critical errors & accelerate resolutions across applications

It is critical for your system’s health to consistently monitor the errors collected by Datadog. When there are many individual error events, it becomes hard to prioritize errors for troubleshooting. Datadog Error Tracking reduces noise by intelligently grouping errors into issues across frontend and backend applications, so teams can better assess their impact and prioritize issues to focus on what matters. By providing rich debug context, down to lines of code, Error Tracking swiftly identifies the root problems, accelerating the resolution process and making it easier to minimize service downtimes and reduce user frustration.

Starting at $0.36 /Month

Top Features

  • Error grouping

    Automatically aggregate similar errors into issues.

  • Issue alerts

    Get notified about the most pressing issues.

  • Root cause diagnosis

    Identify the root cause of your errors down to the line of code.

  • Languages

    Error Tracking supports 10+ languages and frameworks.

  • Full-stack visibility

    Get full-stack visibility through seamless correlation of frontend, backend, and mobile data.


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