Scheduling Software

The leading employee scheduling software to help you schedule your team in minutes.

Build schedules in minutes

  • Schedule the right staff, at the right times, across different roles or locations. Easily fill shifts based on employee availability, training, and cost.

Share instantly with your team

  • Send employee schedules straight to your team via desktop or mobile. And if you change the schedule, make sure staff see the update by requesting a confirmation.

Never be short-staffed

  • If someone calls out sick, find a qualified replacement without a single phone call or text. Or simply let employees swap shifts with eligible team members.

Time & Attendance Tracking

Accurate employee timesheet software & app, pass to payroll in a click.

Record hours

  • Ditch chaotic paper timesheets. Employees simply clock in and out of work via Deputy, and our software creates an accurate digital timesheet.

Verify timesheets

  • Ensure timesheets are correct. Your staff can show they were in the right place, at the right time, with a GPS location stamp or facial recognition.

Approve & export

  • Reduce the admin in your life. Managers can approve timesheets individually or in bulk. And it only takes one tap to export timesheets to your payroll software.

Employee Time Clock

Your employee time clock app for accurate payroll and healthy teams.

Record time on shift

  • Make it easy for staff to record their exact hours and breaks. With Deputy, employees just clock in and out of work via an on-site tablet, computer, or phone — and our software creates an automatic record.

Verify time & attendance

  • Ensure time records are correct. Employees can show their managers they were in the right place, at the right time, with a GPS location stamp on a mobile or touch-free facial verification on a tablet.

Approve & export

  • Save hours on employee admin and create more time for the business. Managers can approve timesheets individually or in bulk. And it only takes one tap to export to your payroll software.

Leave Management

Manage PTO requests & leave balances in one clear platform.

Customize PTO entitlements

  • With a few clicks, create the right leave entitlements for your employees. Customize leave types, balances, or accrual rates — and automate the calculations to save yourself the admin.

Request on the go

  • Make leave management easier for everyone involved. Employees can keep track of their balances and request time off directly through the app — without any back and forth.

Track & Approve

  • Stay on top of leave balances and requests. Receive alerts when leave balances run low, view booked time off to avoid clashing holidays, and approve requests from desktop or mobile.

Labor Compliance

Streamline compliance with key wage and hour laws, so your business can run smoothly.

Help protect your business and reduce the risk of fines

  • Create an electronic record of schedules, timesheets, and payroll exports to help avoid hefty fines when audited and protect your brand’s reputation.

Build trust with your team and retain your talent

  • With Deputy, employees can feel confident that they are paid transparently, treated fairly, and valued by their employer.

Reduce unnecessary labor costs

  • With smart scheduling, demand forecasting, and compliance tools, we help you avoid schedules that could incur unnecessary overtime and premium pay to keep labor costs under control.