Metronet Fiber Internet

High-speed & symmetrical internet service

Virtually unlimited bandwidth

Virtually unlimited bandwidth to support everything from email and cloud-based applications, to large file transmission and high-resolution video.

Symmetrical speeds

  • Identical blazing fast speeds - up and down - are optimal for retail transactions, real time collaboration tools, virtual meetings, and more.

Speedy installation

  • We know downtime is money lost. Metronet's expert field technicians are trained to minimize disruption and get you connected fast.

Competitive pricing

  • We want to earn your business, so we keep our pricing fair. You pay for quality service and we provide it.

Uptime guaranteed

  • We offer up to 99.999% uptime and an optional enterprise-grade SLA. That’s right. We keep your internet up and running or we compensate you.

24/7 local-based support

  • Our in-house customer service is always here for you: for initial setup, rapid troubleshooting, and support to keep you moving at the speed of light.

Scalable service

  • Upgrade your connection seamlessly as your business grows. Metronet's support team fits your services to your changing needs.