Remote Management Simplified

Doors: Manage doors and their schedules (including lockdowns) for all your facilities remotely.


  • Monitor real-time access events wherever you are, with a live feed and system health status notifications delivered to your mobile.


  • Manage access rights from anywhere, including adding and removing users or admins, assigning credentials and setting access levels.

Mobile Access: Kisi Mobile App

Step into the future with an app that functions as a digital keycard for facility access. The Kisi mobile app is the top-rated access control app on iOS and Android.

  • Unlock doors remotely (admins only)
  • Lock doors and lockdown areas remotely (admins only)
  • Manage physical cards
  • Kisi also offers other secure methods to access your office, including Kisi Passes, Kisi Tags, or your existing cards.

Door Controller: Kisi Controller Pro

Kisi Controller Pro is a smart and robust door access controller.

  • Works with existing door hardware or physical security systems.
  • Integrated power supply for electric locks and ability to add a separate power supply and backup battery.

Software: Kisi Cloud Management

Multi-site management: Manage unlimited locations from one dashboard.

Access Groups

  • Simplify and automate access sharing using groups and roles management.

Time-Based Access

  • Set scheduled unlocks, self-expiring passes and other time restrictions.

SSO Enabled Door Access

  • Integrate physical access with your identity provider (IdP) via SAML 2.0 and SCIM.

Wall Reader: Kisi Reader Pro

Our Bluetooth and NFC wall reader works effortlessly with both access cards and mobile devices.

  • Lightning-fast — Unlock times averaging 0.3 seconds.
  • Flexible credentials — Unlock with smartphones, keycards, tags or fobs.
  • Robust performance — Works even when the company’s internet is down.
  • Hygienic — 100% touchless access.