ImOn Communications

Right connections make all the difference!

Data Solutions

Internet, Ethernet, Fiber - ImOn Business Data solutions connect you to your customers, all while making sure there are no disruptions thanks to our redundant network.

Ethernet Internet

  • ImOn Ethernet service is backed by our privately-owned and managed state-of-the-art fiber network. Internet speeds that were acceptable a few years ago were not designed to deliver on the demands of today's bandwidth requirements. Whether you need to boost your bandwidth due to increased file sharing between locations or an increased number of Internet-connected devices and applications, ImOn Ethernet service is your solution.

DDoS Detection and Mitigation Services

  • DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are simple, yet devastating in overwhelming your network with large amounts of malicious traffic.

Voice Solutions

Hosted PBX, SIP, PRI, Business Phone - ImOn Business Voice solutions keep your business connected to your customers and employees.

Hosted PBX

  • ImOn Hosted PBX service delivers a powerful, full-featured, business-class phone system without the cost and hassle of having an on-site PBX. All calls are routed over a private, managed IP network, with no limits to the number of lines you can add to your system. You can scale at your own pace, keeping costs in line.

SIP Trunking

  • ImOn SIP Trunking offers a fiber-based voice solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing phone infrastructure. This scalable solution allows your business to replace traditional phone lines with from one to several hundred call paths based on your needs. ImOn’s SIP Trunking provides your business with the power to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and invest in growth.


  • ImOn’s PRI Trunks save you money by connecting to your existing PBX equipment and allowing you to maximize your phone capabilities over ImOn’s advanced IP network.

Traditional Phone Service

  • ImOn’s traditional phone service offers a feature-rich, reliable solution at a price that fits your budget. ImOn offers you a choice of three packages, offering up to 10 custom-calling features, such as Call Forwarding, Caller ID, and Voice Mail.

Cable TV & Music

Entertainment Channels, Digital Music, HD - Create an inviting atmosphere and enhance your work setting with ImOn Cable TV and Digital Music service.

Cable Video/Music Entertainment Services

  • Enhance your work environment with ImOn Cable TV and Digital Music service. Stay informed on the latest news and financial market updates in your office, entertain your customers while they wait, or provide your employees with an enjoyable music background while they work.