Reservationless Conferencing

Reservationless Conferencing is a completely automated audio conference service that is available 24 / 7 / 365.  This high-quality product is designed to make your audio conference easy to access and smooth to run. Simply dial your unique toll-free or toll access number, enter your PIN and begin your conference. No reservation or operator assistance is required. Connect instantly with key customers, vendors and internal teams. Communicate business plans and updates. Collaborate with internal teams and external partners locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Audio Console

As a TBG Conferencing call “moderator” or call “leader” you will be able to monitor and manage your reservationless call online and in real-time. The Audio Console provides you with a complete set of web-based management tools for your audio conference call. Simply dial into the audio portion of your call using your Moderator Pin then go to on your computer to enter the Audio Console portal.

Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing is an easy and efficient way to collaborate and share information. Instantly share Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, pdf files, jpeg photos and more. This powerful cost-effective online solution allows you to conduct interactive meetings, online training and multi-media presentations. With no downloads required, this web conferencing tool is available on-demand and accessible for immediate use enabling you to get your message out to a wider audience, quickly and easily.

Event Conferencing

Event Conferencing from TBG Conferencing is our professionally managed, fully integrated, operator assisted service that requires pre-scheduling with TBG Conferencing Customer Service. This powerful service was created for clients who need to conduct a professionally managed, high-profile conference call. Your Event Conference will be coordinated by a team of Event Managers who will guide you through the event conferencing process and provide you with the confidence that your call will be efficient and productive.

  • Event Conferencing offers a broad range of features to choose from including: conducting Q&A sessions, polling and survey capabilities, conference recordings and call transcriptions.

International Conferencing

Today’s global business environment makes it crucial for you to be able to connect easily with clients, vendors, and team members around the world. Our International Conferencing service offers a number of options to ensure you are able to connect, communicate and collaborate smoothly and efficiently with your key business partners.

International Toll Free

  • This service is currently available in over sixty countries worldwide. Additional countries are added as they become available. Your international caller will be supplied with an international toll-free number and will join the conference call like a caller located in the United States. We strongly suggest that you provide your international caller with the domestic dial-in number as a backup.

Domestic Number Dial-In

  • Your international caller can use a domestic dial-in number provided by TBG Conferencing. In this case, the international caller will pay the long-distance call charges into the United States. Charges vary from country to country.

Operator Dial Out

  • Prior to the beginning of your call, you provide the international phone number to a TBG Conferencing Customer Service Representative. You can reach a Customer Service Representative by pressing on your telephone keypad, or by clicking the Customer Service icon on your Audio Console. Your Customer Service Representative will then dial out to the international participant. International cell phone numbers are acceptable.