Webbing Global Wireless Data Solution

Streamlining global data connectivity

Mission Critical

Powerful, flexible and stable connectivity stand at the very heart of Mission Critical IoT.

  • Mission Critical IoT fulfil a public safety or business critical function and must function continuously. They involve fewer endpoints that handle massive levels of time-sensitive data. If a connection goes down in a critical IoT system, such as while a remote surgery is taking place, the consequences can be catastrophic.
  • Critical IoT systems require connectivity that can withstand harsh and remote environments and is scalable in order to support large-scale networks with thousands of controllers, robots, and machines. Reliability and low latency connectivity are vital for mission critical IoT.


Connectivity is key to unlocking IoT value.

  • Connected devices create substantial economic value for companies. It reduces operating costs, increases efficiency and productivity, increases existing revenue streams, and creates new revenue streams. It also sheds light on the dark corners of your business: where is your excess inventory? Where do your people spend their time? How are your assets being utilized? When is your equipment under unnecessary stress? Connectivity has become an integral part of products.
  • In order to reap the benefits of connected devices, enterprises need tailor made, bullet-proof, future ready connectivity under their control to always meet their business needs. They need a solution that is designed to provide reliable, secure and continuous internet connection for devices wherever they are located.
  • The WebbingCNCT solution delivers the reach of a global carrier with the quality of a local one with a single carrier that has flexible offerings, low latency, and sustainability at competitive rates.

Remote Workforce

Connectivity has been transforming the way people work for some time now. It has exponentially increased productivity and made working from anywhere easier than ever. It has been instrumental in connecting workers at home with enterprises. A majority of remote work needs devices connected to the Internet, like mobile phones, laptops, microphones, and webcams. Connectivity is a vital part of the digital workplace.

  • For remote work sustainability, IT administrators need to be able to provide remote employees a safe, efficient and stable way to connect to the corporate network. Residential-grade networks and public Wi-Fi are less secure than a corporate network. Also, despite widespread high-speed access, it is no match for bandwidth-intensive solutions that many companies rely on today such as Voice over IP while screen sharing.
  • WebbingCNCT delivers secure, reliable and continuous internet connection for devices wherever they are located. It provides the speed and low latency your remote workforce requires to work efficiently. It’s revolutionary SIM technology, powerful management platforms and robust global network meets your connectivity and management needs, your needed reach and quality, and network policies and desired limitations.

Fixed Wireless Access

Fast and reliable data connectivity with wireless networks.

  • Fixed Wireless Access is a connectivity alternative to fixed-line DSL, cable and fiber across all markets. It’s faster, more reliable, can be deployed quickly and affordably, and is ideal in areas that are underserved or too difficult to reach with traditional broadband.
  • Enterprises need agile, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to compete effectively. They need connectivity solutions that are easy to implement, scalable, and meet the needs of growing businesses. In a world where downtime can affect reputation and the bottom line, they need to be confident that the connectivity solutions they choose are always on.
  • The WebbingCNCT solution is resilient and redundant with a robust and structured framework. It’s out of the box optimized connectivity capability ensures connectivity to the best wireless carrier in the area. It offers large coverage area, connectivity choices to suit your data transmission needs, remote management and analytics of devices, private networks & security options (VPN, APN), scalability, and most importantly, it is secure by design: data is encrypted, and users are securely identified.