V2 Cloud Individual Cloud Desktops (Business Plan)

The simplest cloud desktop for businesses

Individual Cloud Desktops

Single-user virtual machines based on Windows 10 desktop. This type of plan requires you to bring your own license of Windows. Good for power users and hungry apps.

Business Plan

  • Connect on-site resources with IPSec VPN
  • Integration with on-prem AD or Azure AD DS
  • Integration with SAML SSO (Okta, OneLogin, etc)
  • API access
  • 50GB disk space (expandable)
  • Blazing fast processors and NVMe drives
  • High speed internet access with unlimited data transfer
  • Screen sharing between users
  • Admin remote shadowing
  • Unlimited teleportations globally (America, Europe, Asia, Australia)
  • Fanatical technical support
  • Off-site daily backup snapshots with 7 days history
  • MalwareBytes Business Antivirus

Single-User Desktops

Single-User desktops are useful for installing applications that cannot be installed on a server instance and require a Windows 10 desktop OS. Windows 10 desktops are licensed with your Microsoft 365 subscription and are directly connected to your AzureAD account (included with your Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription).

Published Applications

  • Published applications let you publish any Windows program to an end-user in their browser without giving access to a full desktop. Only the selected program is displayed in the browser making it a clever way to deliver an on-prem application as a web app.

Web and Mobile App

Our intuitive web app provides users access to their Cloud desktop instantly on the go with a web browser over the secure SSL connection. The web application has several convenience features such as screen sharing, printing, files transfers, and seamless transition to the desktop app. You can also download our mobile app available for iOS and Android to access the Cloud desktop on your smartphone or tablet.

Desktop App

Our desktop app gives you secured, high-performance RDP access. The desktop app supports multi-monitor, cameras, microphones, printers, and local folders redirection. You can download our desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.

Raspberry Pi App

  • Our RPi app lets you turn any Raspberry Pi 4 into a low-cost, high-performance zero client. The app supports dual monitors, cameras, microphones, and printers redirection for a complete desktop replacement solution. You can download the RPi image and load it to the SD card for the Raspberry Pi 4.

Malware Protection

Our Business plan comes with managed Malwarebytes Pro antivirus with real-time protection and nightly scans. The business plan also includes daily snapshots with offline retention for complete ransomware protection.

Daily Backups

  • Our business plan comes with daily snapshots of your virtual machines. You can restore individual files if you mistakenly delete it or you can revert the whole virtual machine in case of a disaster.


You can enforce Multi-factor authentication for your users for added security. We also integrate with your preferred SSO provider such as Azure SSO, OneLogin, Okta, V-KEY or any other SAML compatible SSO provider.

IPsec VPNs

  • If you need to connect to onsite resources such as an on-prem domain controller or network printers, we create a site-to-site VPN connection between your office and our Cloud.

Built-In Live Support

All our apps come with built-in live help chat directly connected to our fanatical technical support team. We are also available over email and phone if needed. See our contact section for our working hours.

Active Directory Integration

  • We can connect to your on-prem Windows Active Directory or to other Cloud based directories such as Azure AD and JumpCloud.