Help expand productivity & compliance in your contact center

LiveVox WFO/WFM powers you with Modern Workforce Management (WFM), to plan and execute intelligent, data-driven staffing strategies. It helps keep your workforce engaged, happy, and high performing, and operates an agile, dynamic, and collaborative workplace. It also empowers agents to improve their job satisfaction by providing scalable digital training and performance feedback. You can also access data-driven insights that can mitigate regulatory risk and increase efficiency while decreasing costs.

Top Features

  • Execute intelligent staffing strategies

    Leverage data and automation to forecast demand, implement skill-based schedules, monitor adherence, and intelligently adjust schedules on the fly to maximize contact center efficiency.

  • Keep your agents engaged and high-performing

    Agents can stay up-to-date on their most current schedule, including shift times and breaks, with the ability to shift-bid, shift-swap, and make PTO requests, all via a mobile app.

  • Operate an agile, collaborative workplace

    Overcome legacy WFM limitations with an advanced communication framework. Agents, supervisors, and analysts can be seamlessly connected through tightly integrated desktop portals, messaging groups, and notification channels.