APX Net Dedicated Internet Access

Secure fiber optic connection

Stop settling for slow internet, high latency and network downtime

APX Net Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service is an Internet fiber-optic connection dedicated to your business, not shared with neighboring businesses. Unlike some competitors, our DIA delivers symmetrical download and upload speeds, which are vital if your business is using real-time applications like unified communications, video meetings, etc. It is designed for organizations with high bandwidth, secure connectivity, and low latency needs. It will keep you connected to your customers, partners, and employees and provide unlimited access to your data and critical business applications.

Top Features

  • Reliability

    DIA service is designed with maximum uptime in mind and backed by an industry-leading SLA.

  • Guaranteed speeds

    Your APX Net DIA connection is dedicated to you, so speed and throughput are guaranteed.

  • Symmetrical service

    DIA offers equal download and upload speeds, which is critical for real-time video and applications.

  • Low latency

    APX Net DIA supports your real-time applications like video or data replications without delays.

  • High volume

    APX Net DIA circuits carry more data than broadband connections.

  • Scalability

    APX Net DIA leverages fiber-based Ethernet so you can easily increase bandwidth up to 100Gbps.