Optimum Business Hosted Voice

Powerful & scalable phone system

Business hosted voice gives you endless features

Any phone service can make a phone ring, but a complete business phone solution means getting a complete set of features to manage your calls, contacts and how they work together. We have the features you're used to like Caller ID, Company Directory and Music on Hold - but also advanced features like Single Number Reach which allows you to ring multiple lines at the same time, even if it's a personal or mobile line. No matter the features you need, Business Hosted Voice delivers - call today to learn more.

  • 3-way Calling (SIP phones) - Add a third party to your conversation.
  • Anonymous Call Blocking - Block incoming callers who do not show their Caller ID information.
  • Busy Lamp Field - Displays other extensions status.
  • Call Hold - Retain an existing call while accepting or originating another call.
  • Call Detail Records - View and download all incoming and outgoing calls made to and from your phone.
  • Call Forwarding - Forwards all your calls to an alternative number selected, without ringing your telephone first.
  • Call Pick Up - Group and Directed - Answer a call at your telephone for another extension in your call pickup group. Directed call pickup lets you pick up a call for a specific extension even if that.
  • Call Pull - Allows a user transfer or "pick up" an ongoing call to another phone belonging to the same user, with continuing media.
  • Call Trace - Initiates a trace of the last call you received.
  • Call Transfer - Transfer both made and received calls.
  • Call Waiting - Alerts you with a special tone when someone else is calling you while you are already on the line and lets you switch between calls.
  • Caller ID Name and Number - Displays the name and telephone number of the incoming caller, provided they are not blocking that information.
  • Company Directory - Lists internal corporate contacts.
  • Conferencing – Ad Hoc - Initiate a conference call adding each participant one at a time.
  • Distinctive Ringing - Designate phone numbers to ring with a distinctive ring tone.
  • Do Not Disturb - Ensures that all calls made to a phone number are rejected.
  • Enhanced 911 - Enables emergency operators to automatically know the telephone number and address of the dialing party.
  • HD Voice - Provides sharper sound quality, increased clarity, and less background noise.
  • Manager/Assistant - Automatically forwards calls to your assistant.
  • Music on Hold - Music for callers on hold.
  • Originating Identity Presentation and Restriction - Specify whether or not you receive information on caller ID.