PhySaaS Verkada Bullet Series Camera

Enterprise bullet security cameras

Impeccable detail at distance and in any conditions

Verkada’s Bullet Series, designed for harsh conditions, deters threats effectively. With two models—CB62-E for wide-angle views and CB62-TE for powerful zoom—these cameras feature long-range IR LEDs ensuring clear images up to 50 meters day or night. Constructed for outdoor use, they boast a robust aluminum unibody and IP67, IK10 ratings for protection. Equipped with cutting-edge SOC and Ambarella CV22 chipsets, they capture license plates at speeds up to 80mph across three lanes, supporting License Plate Recognition. Advanced edge processing enables features like People and Vehicle Analytics, alongside standard capabilities including encryption, onboard storage, and motion detection, enhancing security coverage and situational awareness.

Top Features

  • Capture clear, detailed images at a distance

    Maintain sharp image detail up close and at distance with sensor resolutions up to 4K and 3x optical zoom. Benefit from long-range IR LEDs for superior low-light performance.

  • Built to perform in adverse conditions

    Bullet cameras are designed for use in exposed outdoor environments. They feature weather-sealed internal electrical components within a robust aluminum unibody.

  • Identify vehicles with License Plate Recognition

    Use bullet cameras to capture license plates, search vehicles by plate number and set automated License Plate of Interest alerts. Verkada's LPR solution can recognize plates on vehicles traveling at speeds of up to 80 mph / 128 kph and across three lanes.

  • Effortlessly install and connect to the cloud

    Each bullet camera has a pigtail connector for simplified installation. Like all Verkada cameras, the QR code on the camera can be scanned to automatically connect the camera to the cloud in minutes.