NRG Energy Business Natural Gas Supply Solutions

Customizable natural gas supply solutions

Fixed Price

A Fixed Price energy plan provides you with a competitive fixed price per dekatherm (Dth) for the length of your contract. It's a plan tailored for energy users looking to gain predictability in their energy spending and remove the risk of rising energy prices.

Take greater control of your budget

  • The natural gas market moves just like any other commodity market. With a fixed price contract, you minimize the risk of price volatility by locking in your supply price, allowing you to confidently plan your consumption and budget.

Fixed plans offer long-term stability

  • We offer contracts up to three years in length, allowing you to gain budget security as you plan for the future of your business.

Get access to great prices

  • We make some of the most competitive pricing options available to you. Plus, we can help you time your natural gas purchases with pricing cycles that help meet your objectives.

Index Price

Our Index Price purchasing solution puts you in control, positioning you to take advantage of potential dips in market prices. Compared to more conservative products with lengthier contract terms, an Index Price solution allows you to lock in when commodity prices are advantageous.

Maximize your opportunity in the market

  • The natural gas market moves like any other commodity market, opening up opportunities to secure better prices. Our Index Price solution gives you the flexibility to pursue them.

Float on market prices that correspond to a published market index

  • The market index is transparent and will allow you to watch market conditions for an opportunity to buy when prices are low.


Our NYMEX Plus solution lets you effectively manage your risk by giving you the ability to separate and individually manage the two primary components of a fixed price. Lock in your basis cost while leaving the commodity component subject to NYMEX pricing. You can then make decisions throughout the contract to actively manage the commodity portion or allow it to settle at the NYMEX price each month.

What is a trigger?

  • It can also be set as a price target below the current market price or as a price ceiling. The price ceiling indicates the maximum price a customer is willing to pay.

What sets us apart?

  • Transparent, wholesale market pricing on triggers with no mark-up
  • Discuss trigger options with market experts
  • Online Triggering
  • Access to real-time, executable prices
  • View trigger position and historical purchases
  • Trigger Alerts
  • Receive email alerts based on price points you can set