Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (Nonprofit Pricing)

Gain a 360-degree view of customers

Leading enterprise customer data platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (Nonprofit Pricing) is a data mediator that joins information from different sources, allowing you to map, match, layer, merge, and enrich customer-based data. A classic example would be to merge data from various points of sale (online or in-store) with that from customer service software, like Freshdesk, for performance and trend analysis. And you can slice and dice your data however you see fit, segmenting groups out by activity metrics and demographics that you set. For instance, identifying someone who repeatedly rents jet skis without a reservation during overcast or rough weather and rewarding them with discounts to encourage the behavior and promote referrals.

Starting at $250.00 /Month

Top Features

  • Optimize and orchestrate real-time customer journeys

    Reduce cost-per-conversion using AI-driven insights and automated workflows with personalized recommendations that maximize customer lifetime value.

  • Improve retention and loyalty

    Shorten sales cycles, reduce churn, and keep customers for life by acting on customer signals and feedback in real-time.

  • Turn known and unknown prospects into raving fans

    Ingest transactional, behavioural, and demographic data to create deep insights and complete, up-to-date customer profiles.

  • Easily balance personalization and privacy

    Take advantage of consent data that are automatically updated and classification labels that help keep information secure.


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