AT&T Fleet, Asset, & Workforce Management

Track & manage your fleet effortlessly

Fleet Tracker

Know where your fleet is virtual all the time, monitor driver behavior, gain insights into your vehicle, and much more.

GPS fleet tracking

  • GPS fleet trackingSophisticated GPS tracking software and performance reporting, this user-friendly solution enables near real-time view of vehicle status and location for any size fleet.

Hardware and software

  • Devices running on the AT&T network, helping to enable faster and safer transmission of fleet activity data from the field into back-end systems, allowing quicker reporting and analysis.

Unlimited support

  • Reach out around the clock with questions or for assistance.

Monitor driver behavior

  • Excessive speeding, harsh braking, and racing is dangerous and can cost you maintenance fees and increased fuel consumption.

Gain insight into your vehicles

  • The fleet tracker can be hardwired to a vehicle’s power source for additional data collection.

Help prolong vehicle life

  • Receive maintenance notifications to schedule vehicle service before critical breakdowns occur.

Asset Tracker

Gain visibility into near real-time operation status, locate your high-value assets and monitor productivity levels.

Installs in minutes

  • Quickly install the device on virtually any type of outdoor asset using glue, double-sided tape, or screws.

End-to-end system

  • Includes a device, cloud IT, applications, data security, connectivity, and customer support.

Rechargeable battery

  • The AT1 Solar can recharge its battery when exposed to direct sunlight.

Integrated sensors

  • Built-in humidity, light, temperature, and impact sensors are ready to operate off the shelf.

Small size

  • One of the smallest tracking devices on the market, our asset tracker can be discreetly installed on various outdoor assets.

AT&T Workforce Manager

Includes a device, cloud IT, applications, data security, connectivity, and customer support.

Wireless forms

  • Choose from hundreds of templates or customize your own. Add photos, calculations, graphs, and more.

Add AT&T enhanced push-to-talk

  • Add AT&T enhanced push-to-talk and make individual or group calls from within the Workforce Manager application, view employees' current locations, and more.

Event-based tracking

  • Monitor field task activities, employee hours, locations, and data entries in near real-time via a mobile web dashboard.

Job dispatching

  • Create, modify or update orders for deliveries, service calls, and more all from your phone or tablet.

Mobile timekeeping

  • Don’t risk losing a paper timesheet. Now your employees can clock in/out for breaks and lunches, all from the AT&T Workforce Manager app.