Cato Networks Security as a Service

Next-generation firewall

Security services cover access control and threat prevention

Cato, the cloud-native carrier, provides the only secure managed SD-WAN service built with a global reach, self-service, and agility of the cloud. We replace security point solutions with a converged, uniform security stack built for the digital business. Our security as a service is a set of tools built directly into our cloud network as part of a tightly integrated software stack. Because of this, it can be applied consistently across all traffic traversing the network, eliminating the need for disparate edge security devices. Security services cover access control and threat prevention and are powered by our security research labs.

Top Features

  • Security as a service for today’s enterprises

    No more capacity planning, software upgrades, operational complexities, or hidden costs. Maintain granular control of all your security policies with easy configuration through Cato’s centralized management portal. All PoPs are interconnected using fully-meshed, encrypted tunnels. Customers connect to Cato through encrypted tunnels, established by Cato Socket or through IPsec tunnels from existing security appliances.

  • Managed threat detection and response to reduce dwell time

    Cato’s Managed Threat Detection and Response Service (MDR) enables enterprises to offload the resource-intensive and skill-dependent process of detecting compromised endpoints to the Cato SOC team. Cato seamlessly applies a full MDR service to customer networks. They automatically collect and analyze all network flows, verify suspicious activity, and notify customers of compromised endpoints.

  • Advanced threat prevention

    As part of Cato’s Advanced Threat Protection, Cato offers anti-malware protection and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) capabilities. Both services inspect WAN and Internet traffic. Additionally, Cato PoPs inspect TLS-encrypted traffic in the Cato Cloud, so there are no scaling constraints or additional latency.

  • Access control across your network

    Get access control capabilities through the next-generation firewall (NGFW) and secure web gateway (SWG). NGFW provides full application awareness with the ability to inspect the payload of packet data and distinguish between different types of web traffic. Cato’s SWG allows customers to monitor, control and block access to websites based on predefined and customizable categories.


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