Onsite Installation Services

If your business does not employ in-house technical IT staff, it’s especially critical to outsource the onsite installation services required to successfully install a VoIP phone system. From installing the IP phone hardware to configuring VoIP firewall and network switches, Tele-Data Solutions ensures you never have to go at it alone.

End-User Training

  • We believe onsite end-user training is one of the most important components necessary to successfully utilize your new VoIP phone system. We find it frustrating that this training component gets downplayed in our industry because the only one who’s negatively impacted by this is you, the actual client.

Project Management

  • When obtaining a new VoIP system, it’s critical to have strong project management as it helps your business with overall project success. The project management phase—where you work with a dedicated project coordinator—is crucial to avoiding programming mistakes, such as porting incorrect phone numbers. Diligence during this phase helps ensure you don’t have any unmet expectations.

Post-Installation Support

  • After your VoIP phone system is fully installed and live at your office, we provide ongoing support services to you, our clients. While it’s common for VoIP phone providers to outsource their support services to another state or large call center, often leaving you with a poor experience, we’re based locally in Union, New Jersey. We work directly with our team to ensure we’re available to you 24/7. Downtime in your phone system is unacceptable, so we prioritize speed, whether that’s coming onsite for service or troubleshooting remotely.

Office Relocation

  • Moving an office is stressful. It’s a big headache, and a lot can go wrong—especially when you have to switch from one phone carrier to another. Tele-Data Solutions understands and is here to help. TDS appreciates that phone lines and phone systems are the lifeblood of a company’s ability to communicate easily and professionally with customers. When your phone systems are down—even for an hour—it’s disruptive and frustrating, and it can even mean lost clients or potential revenue.