Astound Business Class Internet (Fiber)

Symmetrical speeds up to 1 Gig

High-capacity, symmetrical speeds to support business applications

Finding the right internet solution for your office comes down to speed. But broadband connectivity is more than just speed. It requires a reliable connection, advanced features, and exceptional support. The explosion in the number of internet-connected devices, the advent of the IoT age, and the growth of data-heavy tasks have challenged IT organizations to keep businesses running without delay or service disruptions. Astound Business Class Internet (Fiber) offers a more powerful internet solution with high capacity and symmetrical speeds to support critical business applications. With greater upload speeds, you can migrate to cloud storage and hosted applications with better performance than shared asymmetrical internet offers.

Top Features

  • Symmetrical bandwidth

    Improves connectivity to cloud based applications and services with the same speed and file transfer speed.

  • Commercial support

    We monitor our networks through our Commercial Network Operations Center and provide responsive customer service 24/7.

  • Scalable

    Easily upgrade bandwidth or migrate to other services like DIA, Ethernet or Wavelength.

  • Future proof

    Additional internet address options to meet the needs of your growing business.