Proactive Cost Control

Mid-market companies are restructuring their wireless cost management processes to include optimization tools like MobilSentry.

  • They understand carrier pricing models make it challenging to match unpredictable monthly usage against rapidly changing carrier rate plans and features. They also recognize wireless carriers lack the motivation to help spend the minimum on wireless services proactively. MobilSentry uses time-proven wireless expense algorithms along with the most current carrier offerings to systematically review all pool, rate plans, and features. This guarantees the lowest possible wireless invoice monthly:
  • Aggressive monthly rate and feature optimization
  • Real-time data pool sizing avoids overage charges
  • Zero Use device suspension and termination eliminates over-payment for unneeded and unused devices
  • Quantifies ROI by tracking savings monthly

Trending & Reporting

The advanced analytics of MobilSentry transforms raw billing data into business intelligence, supporting more effective and timely business decisions.

  • With the rapid growth of mobile devices, telecom administrators face dynamic and increasing manageability challenges. Now, the ability to turn complex carrier invoices into insightful and actionable reporting is more needed than ever. By merging Human Resource information monthly with carrier invoice data, MobilSentry provides an intuitive and powerful online business reporting function to key administrators and management via secure login access. Providing distributed organizational reporting to all levels of management is dramatically simplified when delivered through a centralized, browser-based reporting system or distributed via email. Web access empowers intuitive navigational methods to display a variety of views to a range of user roles including:
  • Graphical management dashboards that reveal important cost and usage trends.
  • Single-Click, drill-down detail enables views of individual device cost and usage history.
  • Customer-definable threshold alerts make direct management aware of policy violations.

Usage Monitoring In Real-Time

With MobilSentry, companies can gain deeper insights into user behavior by viewing usage patterns in the monthly trending reports.

  • Data usage patterns indicate usage amounts by the time of day and peak and off-peak use.
  • Detail information for each data, voice, and messaging transaction.

Helping employees be accountable

  • Helping employees take direct responsibility for monitoring their monthly activity will ensure they act responsibly. MobilSentry can deliver a monthly email recapping usage and charges to each employee, with managers also receiving an email summarizing all departmental usage and costs.

Enabling real-time controls

  • It is no longer sufficient to manage employee usage only with historical information. Companies are discovering the value of learning in real-time about excessive usage. With MobilSentry it is now possible to receive text or email alerts when data use thresholds are reached. Alerts can now bring immediate focus and attention to individual behaviors and provide the option for quick adjustments to mobile plans. Devices can be moved to other small pools, or data overusing devices can temporarily be assigned unlimited plans. These proactive real-time actions can have a dramatic and positive impact on cost.

Streamlined Invoice Processing

MobilSentry integrates raw invoice data with HR, accounting, and organizational information to increase the timeliness and accuracy of monthly expense and cost allocation processing.

  • MobilSentry uses data assimilation and automation to systematically merge client Human Resource (HR) information with each monthly invoice. This facilitates cost center assignments down to the individual device and accurate and timely organizational reports. Managing wireless assets is a daunting task and complicated by the pace of technological advancements.
  • Ability to prorate overall pooling charges based on monthly individual device usage.
  • Automatically validate carrier invoices monthly for compliance with contract terms.
  • Streamline monthly AP processing capability for timely and accurate postings.
  • Deliver customized carrier invoice payment files directly to AP systems.

Online Procurement

MobilSentry provides a single-view, multi-carrier ordering portal to provision and upgrade devices, request feature and plan changes as well as suspend and terminate device services across all supported carriers.

  • Having an integrated solution which supports automated workflow provides the following benefits:
  • Increased accuracy by removing manual steps
  • Consistent enforcement of company equipment policies
  • Online visibility for tracking fulfillment order progress
  • Employee self-service ordering capability
  • Streamline monthly AP processing by collecting employee attribute information at order time
  • Streamline and optimize ordering flexibility

Lifecycle Management

The financial and security risk associated with company data left on end-of-life corporate-liable devices is a legitimate and growing concern. The cost of data breaches is on the rise.

  • Even when employees or MDM software is resetting a device to factory settings and wiping data, it doesn’t prevent individuals with bad intent from retrieving confidential information from a discarded device. To address this growing security concern and also to be more environmentally conscious with mobile device disposal, MobilSense provides certified recycling and disposal. This service provides a one-stop-shop for wiping and disposal integrated with MobilSentry Order Manager.
  • Why is my mobile data still at risk if I have reset my device to factory settings?
  • To wipe the data successfully from a device no longer in service requires the expertise of a certified organization that meets industry and U.S. federal government standards. Complete data destruction requires supplemental technology and expertise to wipe all retrievable data because device manufacturers do not provide adequate tools.
  • What are the benefits of recycling?
  • Most mobile phones contain plastics and precious metals, and when placed in a landfill can pollute the air and contaminate soil and drinking water. Recycling obsolete mobile phones promote a positive impact on the environment by protecting natural resources.

Help Desk Services

With almost two decades of experience in mobile cost management, our staff is uniquely qualified to solve problems before they impact your business. We deliver:

  • Full-service help desk support
  • Highly skilled call center specialists at a lower cost than in-house models
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Support resources to handle peak volume periods

Device repair/spare depot services

  • When a device is lost, stolen, or damaged before upgrade eligibility, companies are forced to pay full price for a replacement. As your help desk, MobilSense can keep a repository of devices to provide a lower-cost way to repair the device. Companies can also maintain an inventory of used, terminated, or unneeded devices as spares to use as replacements.

MDM client support

  • With the assistance of the MobilSense help desk service, device activation can address employees’ MDM enrollment and email synchronization issues providing a one-stop location for all their mobile handset deployment, upgrade, and maintenance issues.