MobilSentry Silver

$ 2 /mo. 6
6 month contract

  • Data Pool Group Management

  • Monthly Savings Reports

  • Ordering Portal

  • Asset and Inventory Details

  • Cost Allocation/AP Processing

Mobil Sentry Gold

$ 4.6 /mo. 6
6 month contract

  • Includes Everything in Silver, plus:

  • Wireless Helpdesk that can be used by IT or End User Employees

MobilSentry Platinum

$ 8 /mo. 6
6 month contract

  • Includes Everything in Gold, plus:

  • Tier 1 MDM Support for IT Admins

MobilSentry MDM Care

$ 3.6 /mo. 6
6 month contract

  • Does Not Include Wireless Helpdesk or Wireless Expense Management

Streamline mobility processes, improve accuracy & reduce costs

MobilSentry is the world’s first enterprise mobility platform in one integrated solution to deliver enhanced data management combined with traditional mobile expense management. Historically, industry solutions have targeted large businesses leaving midsize companies without budget-friendly solutions. No longer! MobilSentry provides a fully functional cloud-based solution that delivers all the power of enterprise mobile optimization and enhanced data management at a price point for mid-market companies.

Starting at $240.00 /Month

Top Features

  • Proactive cost control

    Ensure your organization is paying the lowest possible price with powerful monthly optimization algorithms. Eliminate carrier overage charges and minimize pool costs with current cycle-end adjustments in real-time.

  • Trending and reporting

    Powerful graphics along with interactive graphic displays transform large and complex datasets into decision-making insights through the use of intuitive dashboard views.

  • Usage monitoring in real-time

    To assess the magnitude of the problem, companies need to know how data is being used. MobilSentry provides a detailed view of employee data activity.

  • Streamlined invoice processing

    MobilSentry integrates raw invoice data with HR, accounting, and organizational information to increase the timeliness and accuracy of monthly expense and cost allocation processing.

  • Online procurement

    Maximize efficiency with a single, carrier-agnostic portal to procure and track new devices, upgrades, termination requests, and service change orders with a multi-level approval workflow.

  • Lifecycle management

    Our lifecycle program defends against security breaches from obsolete mobile devices outside the enterprise and is wiped under top security certifications. Devices are then dispositioned in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Help desk services

    To quickly resolve device issues, MobilSense offers dedicated personnel for problem resolution with deep experience and cost lower than in-house call centers.

Must-Have Features

Proactive Cost Control

Mid-market companies are restructuring their wireless cost management processes to include optimization tools like MobilSentry.

Trending & Reporting

The advanced analytics of MobilSentry transforms raw billing data into business intelligence, supporting more effective and timely business decisions.

Usage Monitoring In Real-Time

With MobilSentry, companies can gain deeper insights into user behavior by viewing usage patterns in the monthly trending reports.

Streamlined Invoice Processing

MobilSentry integrates raw invoice data with HR, accounting, and organizational information to increase the timeliness and accuracy of monthly expense and cost allocation processing.

Online Procurement

MobilSentry provides a single-view, multi-carrier ordering portal to provision and upgrade devices, request feature and plan changes as well as suspend and terminate device services across all supported carriers.

Lifecycle Management

The financial and security risk associated with company data left on end-of-life corporate-liable devices is a legitimate and growing concern. The cost of data breaches is on the rise.

Help Desk Services

With almost two decades of experience in mobile cost management, our staff is uniquely qualified to solve problems before they impact your business. We deliver: