Intuitive hybrid work solutions

Business Voice

Modern and affordable voice and phone solutions.

Flexible pricing

  • With two plans, we offer an affordable pricing option for any small business and an Advanced plan for those who need more.

Apps for phones and more

  • Add a smpl voice line to your smartphone and tablet. Make and receive all your calls from wherever you are.

Hybrid work platforms

  • All of your phones and features connect and are managed in our geo-redundant cloud-based Voice and SDN Platform.

99.9% uptime

  • Reliablity is important, and we’ve maintained a 99% uptime on average.

Networking and Security

SD-WAN and Network-as-a-Service for businesses.

Always up

  • With our network solutions and our fresh wireless data, you are always up with instant failover and instant recovery.

Enterprise security

  • Have the peace of mind that your networking carries all the enterprise security features you need, and is fully managed.

24/7 monitoring

  • Real-time alerts of network and internet issues, and responses that our network team will follow up with any issue.

Managed WiFi

  • Never worry about WiFi speed or coverage again. With managed WiFi, you can create Guest WiFi, Social Logins, and more.


Unlimited SMS and MMS messages with marketing features.


  • See all our messages in one place, with history and instant syncing across our portal and apps.


  • Send and receive text messages, the popular way to chat. Attach images, paste text, and more.


  • Connect your inbound messages using Webhooks, a standard and easy integration.

Toll-free support

  • Enable SMS for your business Toll-Free number in our Msgs portal, and free Vanity searches.


Meet instantly with video, audio, and screen sharing.

Private and secure

  • Unlike some big-name video applications, Mtgs is 100% secure, anonymous, and is privately hosted just for you.

1-click meetings

  • Share your own meeting room links in calendar invites, emails, and your favorite message app. Rooms stay open until the last user leaves.

Unlimited rooms

  • Create your own custom meetings, with unlimited rooms. Be creative, and name your room for a group, team, or task.

Fresh by smpl

Introducing a fresh way to think about Wireless.

Nationwide coverage

  • With access over T-Mobile and AT&T towers, fresh service is available everywhere.

Unlimited voice and SMS

  • Add-on smpl’s Voice and SMS for unlimited calling and business phone features.

Smartphones, tablet, and IoT

  • Open support for smartphones, tablets, IoT, and wireless modems of many types.