Addressing global communications needs across America

Seaborn is a leading developer-owner-operator of submarine cable systems addressing global communication needs across the Americas, including Seabras-1 and AMX-1 between Brazil and the USA. Seabras-1 is the only direct POP-to-POP system between São Paulo and New York. Our industry-leading service delivery and performance combined with our IP and Ethernet service offerings broadens our solutions-driven approach and commitment to always exceeding the service expectations of our customers.

Top Features

  • Highly diverse capacity on 4 subsea systems connecting 5-countries in LatAm & US

  • Connectivity between 20+ key LatAm data centers and NY, JAX, ATL, Ashburn & Miami

  • Lowest latency route (Seabras-1) Brazil to US with 3 x ULL options plus Carrier-class

  • Pan-Regional Ethernet connectivity to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and US

  • 100M to 100G options; multi-terabit subsea solutions

  • Long haul, Regional, Metro wave & Ethernet connectivity within Brazil