MP2 Energy Retail Supply

Smart energy solutions

Solar Buyback

Use your home solar system to not just save money, but to make money with the Solar Buyback program.

  • You will be credited for the solar power you export.
  • With long-term buyback contracts (up to 60 months) available, you’ll be less susceptible to power prices rising as a result of a variable rate.
  • In addition to being paid for excess generation, your utility rates will be lower by employing peak offset (switching to solar power during high-demand times when prices are higher).
  • Whether generated on-site (from your own solar panels) or off-site (from the grid, when your electricity demand exceeds what your solar panels can produce), your home’s power needs will be met with 100% renewable energy!

Community Solar

Partner with a solar farm in your community and use 100% renewable energy, even if you can’t install solar panels on your home.

  • There are no upfront fees, you can start reducing costs immediately.
  • Solar power is one of the cleanest forms of energy, using fewer fossil fuels and producing less CO2 than other energy sources.
  • Switching from your current retail electricity provider is fast and easy.
  • A low, fixed rate helps you reduce costs and avoid price fluctuations.
  • Every additional community solar customer supports the development of more solar farms and broadens accessibility to green energy.
  • When the sun isn’t shining, you stay green--MP2 buys 100% renewable energy from other Texas sustainability projects for any necessary electricity that can’t be supplied by community solar.

100% Renewable

MP2’s 100% renewable residential power program backed by Renewable Energy offers a way to ensure all the energy your household uses is drawn only from sustainable sources. You’ll get smarter plans, lower rates, and you’ll be an active part of reducing pollution levels and protecting the planet for future generations.

  • The average American home uses enough electricity every year to add about 16,000 pounds of CO2 to the air, making it second only to the transportation industry in pollution. A single home switching to sustainable, green power sources stops all those emissions from entering the air we breathe. Just imagine the impact of an entire neighborhood, town, or city doing the same.

Electric Vehicle Charging Program

Charge your electric vehicle at home using 100% renewable energy. Join their fixed-price, market-competitive plan and enjoy free charging during off-peak hours!