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If you’re in a competitive energy market and you’re paying too much for electricity, concerned about being at the whims of volatile prices, or tired of “pressing 1 now” when you call looking for assistance, then it’s time for a change. Retail supply from MP2 Energy is a simple, reliable way to power your business and save money on your energy bills. They are a proven retail provider for commercial and industrial companies and public entities across America.

Features & Benefits

  • Competitive pricing

    MP2 has direct access to wholesale energy supply from numerous sources (including renewables) & can help you lock in low electricity rates for long-term contract periods. We help you handle the costs of securing your electricity & give you one easy-to-read bill. So you can be sure you’re saving money & protecting your business.

  • First-class service

    At MP2 Energy, they don’t outsource customer service. When you make a contract with us, you deserve to deal with us - not someone else - when you have an issue or need help. The customer service team comprises real people armed with the knowledge to answer your questions and the authority to get things done for you & your business.

  • Flexible options

    Fixed-rate, long-term contracts are just one of many customizable options you can take advantage of with MP2 retail supply. Other products include Swing, LMP Index Pricing, Heat Rate Pricing, Wholesale Blocks, Shaped Blocks, Hybrid.