AT&T Unified Messaging

Enhance your messaging experience

Check & retrieve mails through personal computer or phone

AT&T Unified Messaging (UM) is a service that allows you to check and retrieve all your email, landline voicemail, wireless from AT&T® voicemail, and fax messages through a personal computer or touchtone telephone. With text-to-speech technology, you can read the contents of an email message and/or your fax header information. Plus, you can save faxes for viewing on a personal computer or forward a fax to a fax machine for printing. By downloading the AT&T Voicemail Viewer App to your qualifying iPad®, iPod Touch®, smartphone, or other qualifying devices, you can check your voicemail messages visually, even choosing the order in which you listen.

Top Features

  • Simplicity

    Access all your voice and fax messages from one place.

  • Flexibility

    Option to combine wired and wireless voicemail boxes into a single mailbox.

  • Efficiency

    Experience consistent voicemail dialing prompts with both AT&T wired and wireless service.

  • Innovation

    You can download the AT&T Voicemail Viewer app to your qualifying iOS or Android device to listen to your voicemail messages or even read them as text.