MobilSense Technologies

Mobile expense management solutions

Invoice Management

We use data assimilation and automation to systematically marry client HR information with each monthly wireless invoice, enabling cost center assignments down to the individual device and facilitating accurate organizational report.

  • Keeping track of wireless assets is a daunting task and is complicated by the pace of technological advances. Decision support capabilities are substantially enhanced when one can be confident in records indicating where and with whom the asset resides, along with up-to-date information on its make, model, contract upgrade eligibility, and termination dates. The MobilSentry™ enhanced business processing delivers:
  • Increased accounting and reporting precision
  • Timely updating through automated move/add/change capabilities
  • Accurate device ownership information

Mobile Spend Optimization

Smart companies are restructuring their wireless invoice management processes to include mobile spend optimization tools like MobilSentry™.

  • They understand the carrier pricing models make it challenging to effectively match unpredictable monthly usage against frequently changing carrier plans and features. They also appreciate that wireless carriers lack the motivation to help them spend the minimum on wireless services proactively.
  • Real-time Data Pool Sizing: Inspecting data usage levels just before the bill cycle closes with appropriate last-minute adjustments to data pools can eliminate any data overage charges.
  • Zero-use Device Suspension and Termination Support: Without analytics to highlight zero-use devices and evaluate the state of early termination fees, lost and misplaced devices are significant contributors to unnecessary overpayments.
  • Contract Pricing Validation via Monthly Bill Audits: It is important to validate carrier pricing, fees, and discounts each month against contract terms to identify invoice errors and ensure credits are appropriately applied.
  • Quantifying and Tracking Savings: Investing in automated expense management is commonly justified in savings. Effectively measuring monthly savings is a key component of an effective solution.
  • Aggressive Monthly Rate and Feature Optimization: Optimal carrier cost savings only come through aggressive and persistent monthly rate and feature optimization analysis.

Reporting & Analytics

The sophisticated analytics of MobilSentry™ transforms raw billing data into business intelligence enabling better business decisions. With the rapid growth of mobile devices, telecom administrators are faced with dynamic and increasingly unmanageable challenges.

  • Now more than ever, the ability to turn complex carrier invoices into insightful and actionable reporting is needed. By integrating Human Resource information monthly with carrier invoice data, MobilSentry™ provides intuitive and powerful online business reporting capabilities to key administrators and management through secure partitioned login access. Providing distributed organizational reporting to all levels of management is dramatically simplified when delivered through a centralized, browser-based reporting system. Through intuitive navigational methods, we are able to display a variety of views to a range of user roles including:
  • Management dashboards bring together multiple graphics displays for quick decision-making.
  • Single-click, drill-down detail from most reports enables views for cost and usage trending at the individual device level.
  • Customer definable threshold alerts make line management aware of policy violations.

Usage & Policy Control

In today’s world of increasingly powerful data usage capability, it is crucial to have clear and enforceable mobile usage policies for employees who have been assigned mobile devices. It doesn’t take much for employees, knowingly or unknowingly, to run up tens of GBs of use through social media, browsing, and video streaming.

  • An important component for promoting employee accountability is to ensure that individuals recognize management is paying attention to their monthly usage. Effective management oversight involves four key elements:
  • Management Alerting: Analytics should be available to make busy management proactively aware of employees who surpass policy limits such as monthly data usage quickly surfacing the most pressing employee usage issues.
  • Depth of Visibility: Today’s usage patterns require more than just viewing monthly total data usage, it is important to have a quick way to view an employee’s day-to-day usage by time and quantity.
  • Monthly Analysis and Abuse Reporting: Central administrators need access to trends related to top users in order to recognize patterns of potential abuse including the presence of expensive video streaming behaviors.
  • Management Participation: Company culture should encourage management to be involved in monthly invoice reviews. This can be accomplished through monthly emails summarizing department usage and charges or through browser login access.

Branded Help Desk

Today, organizations are faced with the challenge of supporting large and diverse communities of in-house and mobile employees. Acknowledging that general customer support provided by wireless carriers is neither intended or adequate for business users, companies are faced with the choice of dedicating in-house resources or utilizing third-party expertise to meet their employee’s wireless handset needs.

  • Our help desk can be that focal point of contact between customer organizations and their users. With over a decade of experience in wireless expense management, our staff is uniquely qualified to solve problems before they impact your business. We deliver:
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 support
  • Highly skilled call center specialists at a lower cost than in-house models
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Support resources to handle peak volume periods

Automated Procurement

MobilSentry™ provides a single-view, multi-carrier ordering portal to provision and upgrade devices, request feature and plan changes as well as suspend and terminate device services across all supported carriers. Having an integrated solution that supports automated workflow provides the following benefits:

  • Decreases the potential for errors by reducing manual steps.
  • Enables the ability to more consistently enforce company policy.
  • Provides online visibility throughout the fulfilment cycle to administrators and management.
  • Reduces central staff workload by permitting employees to order directly online and by outsourcing fulfilment to MobilSense.
  • Increases the accuracy of asset ownership information by collecting key employee and accounting attributes at the time of order.

Real-Time Visibility

Increasingly, enterprises are experiencing steady growth in mobility costs due to a rapid increase in data usage. Without a response, mobile invoices will grow 20 – 30% in the next five years. Fortunately, where problems surface innovation is usually not far behind. Managing data usage once a month in arrears is no longer prudent – it is increasingly important to be able to view usage in real time.

Real-time version 1.0: nice, but insufficient

  • With uncontrolled mobile data growth a growing concern, companies are looking for answers through real-time notifications to provide increased insight throughout the invoice cycle. While having information in real-time allows for immediate action to avert data overage costs, early real-time implementations fall short of providing a full solution:
  • Knowing individual device overage information isn’t nearly as useful as overall pool usage levels.
  • Running aggregate usage reports days before cycle close is just as effective as daily real-time tracking of overage.
  • Carriers allow retroactive data plan changes prior to cycle close in order to eliminate possible overage charges.

Behavior modification is the real solution

  • While avoiding overage charges has merit, the real underlying issue is that companies are paying more than they should on data due to the lack of ways for identifying and controlling waste.
  • Adding data at month-end to reduce overage charges is a reactive behavior focused on the symptom, not the problem.
  • A focus on eliminating data overages masks the real issue: paying for unnecessary and uncontrolled data usage.
  • The best solutions focus on enforcing policies that limit non-business use and unneeded spikes in data usage.