MobilSense Technologies

Mobile expense management solutions

Helping the mid-market manage mobility

As one of the original mobile expense management (MEM) vendors, MobilSense continues to lead with vision and advanced functionality. Founded in 2001, our focus from the beginning has been to deliver customer-focused functionality via a scalable architecture that meets the needs and economies of small, medium, and large businesses as well as the extensive demands of Fortune 500 enterprises. Knowing the pace of change in the mobility marketplace is rapid and persistent, we have chosen to remain focused on wireless/mobile solutions and deploy them via an adaptable architecture. Because of this consistent focus and agile deployment strategy, we have stayed on top of market changes.

Top Features

  • Mobile spend optimization

    Insuring that you spend the minimum on your monthly carrier invoices.

  • Invoice management

    Increasing efficiency and precision of monthly charge accounting processes.

  • Reporting & analytics

    Easy access to powerful decision-making business intelligence.

  • Usage & policy control

    Identification of out-of-policy data usage with real-time controls and alerts.

  • Automated procurement

    A centralized ordering portal and approval workflow for all carrier transactions.

  • Branded help desk

    On call expertise to assist with service questions and handset issues.