Predictable gas & electricity rates that stay in your monthly budget

SFE Energy is a company that provides natural gas, electricity, and green electricity to residential and commercial customers in several states, including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, California, New Jersey & Ohio. We offer price certainty for the natural gas and electricity commodity supply & provide competitive energy plans with green-friendly options. We partner with American Forest to plant a tree for each customer, and its green energy plans help offset carbon emissions. We have operated since 2006 and are headquartered in Buffalo, New York. We significantly focus on green energy and environmental sustainability, as evidenced by its partnership with American Forests and its commitment to planting trees for its customers.

Features & Benefits

  • Stay warm and cozy

    No more feeling the chills on seeing your monthly natural gas bills.

  • Go a little green, but not with envy!

    We won’t say the same to your neighbors unless they come on board too!

  • Enjoy cost-controlled utility

    Running your home appliances every day can result in a significant utility bill increase.

  • Keep it predictable

    Unpredictable natural gas prices are an ongoing struggle for thousands of Americans.