Customer Services

Managed Mobility Services are typically handled by the company's IT organization. This is an expensive resource that can be put on more important tasks.

Easy-to-use Portal

  • Customers typically become frustrated with having to learn carrier portals for requesting plan changes, feature adds, new device purchases, etc. with each carrier. Utilize one, a more streamlined portal for all service requests.

Carrier Call Center Support

  • Frustration with Hold Times on Carrier Call Center Support - because of the challenges with the complex carrier portals, customers will typically be required to call in for support, only to be placed on hold for significant lengths of time. Through our portal, all tickets typically get resolved within 24 hours, with an 800# customer service line as backup.


  • Much more usable data for reporting, including the ability to customize your own reports. Standard reports for key topics such as Cost Center Breakdown for accounting purposes.

Managing all Mobile Devices

  • Including Mobile Phones, Tablets, MiFi's, Routers, Machine-to-Machine devices, and data plans.