Everything your business needs for efficient voice performance

At Optimum, we know SIP Trunking is an essential part of your small business. That’s why our systems work with an extensive list of SIP Trunk Providers, some of the best around. PRI Trunking is also a critical part of any business, but only if it’s flexible and adaptable. Enter Optimum Business Trunking, our flexible PRI Trunk, which allows you to port your current numbers, and add or remove phone sessions and DID blocks all while having up to 24 call sessions at once.

Top Features

  • 24 simultaneous call sessions

    Business needs change, and that includes your PRI Trunking demands. And that’s why Optimum offers the ability to have up to 24 simultaneous call sessions and up to 100 Direct Inward Dial (DIDs) telephone numbers.

  • Port your numbers at no extra charge

    Port your current numbers at no extra charge. Make changes with ease. And you don’t need an IT person. We make it easy to add or remove additional phone sessions or DID blocks, thanks to our easy-to-understand Setup Guide.

  • Bring your traditional PRI PBX

    You can also bring your traditional PRI PBX phone systems to our PRI service and have up to 23 simultaneous call sessions. Along with this, you get all the calling features you need for daily business.