Automating every step of the customer journey

Talkdesk CX Cloud offers businesses the most comprehensive, cloud-native end-to-end contact center solutions. Complete omnichannel support through customer engagement applications enables organizations to interact intelligently with customers on the channel of their choice. Built-in workforce engagement tools featuring integrated desktop and mobile agents, workforce management, quality management, and call recording to ensure teams are engaged, empowered, and productive. Deep data analytics, including real-time operational dashboards and business intelligence tools, offers companies valuable insight to ensure peak operational performance.

Top Features

  • AI for self-service

    Tools & automation to help customers help themselves and get answers faster. By providing self service options with readily-available answers to some common questions, you save your agents’ time.

  • AI for workforce engagement

    Engagement and management tools to make the lives of the agents, managers, and decision-makers easy. With automation and organizational tools, Talkdesk facilitates success for your agents as they perform their everyday jobs.

  • AI for employee collaboration

    Tools and integrations for seamless communication between departments, teams, and employees. Manage a distributed workplace without losing the quality management and employee growth from team collaboration.

  • AI for customer experience analytics

    Analytics, automation, and insights tools can help you learn everything about the customer and their interactions. For example, you can gain insights into customers by closely monitoring inbound and outbound calls from your contact center.

  • AI for omnichannel engagement

    One platform to engage across every channel, voice or digital, with automation to make every agent your best agent. The benefits of an omnichannel engagement platform are numerous, such as reaching a wider audience, creating a better end-to-end customer journey, and maintaining context as conversations are elevated from one channel to another.